IF Great Britain strikes a trade cope with the North American country, what low-quality food is going
to be on your menu?

Pig-flavour Chunky Bits
Made from the elements of pigs nobody knew existed, like the ‘inner flange’ and therefore the ‘duct hole’. The ensuing product tastes therefore not like pork it's to be flavored with the equally mysterious ‘bacon concentrate’.

American chocolate
Actually, a style of edible plastic, Yankee chocolate is unbelievably sweet with a watery, milk-like flavor that leaves Associate in Nursing oily residue in your mouth. most popular by most Americans to real chocolate as a result of they actively relish nausea.

Artificial fruit encompassing everything from apples and orange to figs and lychees. employing an advanced natural action, compacted lard is formed into objects that look similar to real fruit however square measure flavored with pungent chemicals usually utilized in air fresheners.

Made from waste elements of fish together with fins and eyeballs, Fisho is sort of indistinguishable in style and texture from low-cost real fillets and contains nine,800 calories per serving.

Mom’s ancient Southern-style Hickory Beef
Highly deadly meat substitute made of gravel softened in ammonia. flavored with the chemical DBT eleven, originally developed as a compound throughout the warfare.

Dairy fresh Cheese
A vast army of lawyers used by the Dairy fresh Cheese Corporation prevents anyone within the North American country sorting out the cheese is truly made of bleached and disinfected elk waste material. massively fashionable despite its bland ‘nothing’ style.

Little is thought regarding the precise contents of ‘meat’ except that its manufacturer, The ‘Meat’ Company of a city, busses in giant numbers of homeless individuals to figure at its large rendering plant
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