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While functioning on my new book last year, I received a surprising email from U.S. Right to understand. they'd obtained an inside email from Coca-Cola… and once I scan it, I used to be appalled.

Right there in black in white, I scan however Coca-Cola tried to lobby the bureau against the U.S.A., the Food kid Army.

In the months following our thriving campaigns to urge “yoga mat” out of Subway, the factitious dyes out of wrapping paper macintosh & Cheese, and therefore the caramel coloring out of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice caffe latte, Coca-Cola took aim at our ability to persuade major food firms to alter. You see, we have a tendency to were pain their bottom line, and that they needed to place that to a halt.
As I scan through Coca-Cola’s correspondence I couldn’t believe the lengths they'd gone to undertake to prevent our movement. AN email proposal was sent to the pinnacle of the bureau, written by none apart from Alex Malaspina. Alex may be a former senior vice chairman at Coca-Cola World Health Organization based the front cluster International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) approach back within the ’70s (1). This front cluster still operates nowadays, funded by Coca-Cola, Nestlé, McDonald’s, Pepsico, and different processed food and chemical firms (2). Notice however Alex greets bureau head archangel Taylor in his email… 

Risks to client health and wellbeing? Isn’t removing risky additives coupled with cancer and different health problems serving to client health and wellbeing? Who’s very risking client health here? might it's that Coca-Cola’s PROFITS were in danger due to all the caramel coloring and additives they use in their products? 

I’m not the primary person to be targeted by huge Soda… and that I actually won’t be the last. they're going to attempt each maneuver below the sun to trick the general public into shopping for their unhealthy merchandise, which includes infiltrating our government agencies. once the food trade can’t get individuals to trust them, they use front teams to assist musteline mammal their approach in. And ILSI (that front cluster partly funded by Coca-Cola mentioned above) has been thriving at this… 

A new report revealed within the BMJ and therefore the Journal of Public Health Policy document that ILSI has vast influence in China (3). such a lot if truth be told, that ILSI operates from within the government’s Centre for malady management and interference in Peiping. Pretty crazy.

What’s most ludicrous is that ILSI is purportedly “fighting” the blubber epidemic in China… organizing blubber conferences and paying scientists to attend these events. They’ve launched public health campaigns heavily promoting the concept that blubber is caused by an absence of exercise – and not from drinking sweet sodas and processed food. something to create positive individuals keeps loading up their grocery carts up with Coke, right?

You may bear in mind that Coca-Cola tried identical techniques here within the U.S. and it backfired success once they were caught on the Q.T. funding a noncommercial cluster known as the worldwide Energy Balance Network. Emails obtained by the Associated Press and U.S. Right to understand printed however “the cluster would use social media and run a political-style campaign to counter the ‘shrill rhetoric’ of ‘public health extremists’ World Health Organization wish to tax or limit foods they see unhealthy” and “quickly establish itself because the place the media goes to for touch upon any blubber issue.” (4) The cluster disbanded and Coca-Cola’s chief health and science officer retired once the scandal skint. (5) they may are caught then – however we have a tendency to each recognize they're reaching to attempt another maneuver. And another. And then, another.

This is the rationale why I wrote my book Feeding You Lies.  Not solely square measure the food firms exploitation front teams to feed the U.S.A. lies within the U.S., however, they're doing it across the world. It’s happening all over and that they won’t stop till they're exposed.

There’s additional to the current story too. I even have such a lot additional to share and place all of the knowledge you wish to understand in Feeding You Lies. similar to the industry song to the U.S.A. regarding the risks of cigarettes, identical untruths, cover-ups, and deceptive practices square measure occurring within the food trade.

It’s additional necessary than ever that individuals comprehend this. Feeding You Lies is written for you – it’s a tell-all on the food trade in one book that’s super straightforward to share along with your friends and family.
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