One last delicious meal before departure

As we tend to welcome a lot of and a lot of guests from around the world, we tend to perceive that everybody has their own food preferences, therefore incorporating thoughts and feedback from our guests is more and more vital once we arrange our flying field lounge menus. several of our guests have asked for choices with a lot of vegetables- that is one in all the ways that we've upgraded our menus at our International top-notch Lounge and Sakura Lounge at a capital of Japan Haneda and Narita Airports!

The new menus embody a range of things, like "JAL special sliced salad"- full of superfoods like quinoa and kale, additionally to a different new giving at our Narita top notch dish bar: dish rolls. For those with an appetence, return attempt our delicious pancakes for breakfast (Haneda top notch) or teriyaki- ancient waffles with sweet red bean paste- new addition to our 1st category lounge menu at Haneda and Narita.

At Japan Airlines, your voice counts. we tend to thanks for your opinions, and that we hope to continue hearing your feedback, so we will build your expertise higher and better!
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